Download iMessage Android

Download iMessage Android
Download iMessage Android at the bottom of this page or read some background information first. iMessage is the popular instant messaging that was limited to iPhone users. Now, the application is also available for Android devices.

Background information

For a long time, iMessage was restricted to iPhone users. Many developers have tried to get the application running on other devices. Many of them have failed, some have succeeded. Including us.

With iMessage Android, you are able to send and receive free text messages from your Android device to and from any iMessage user. As long as you are connected to the internet, you can send text messages, photos, audio and more for free.

iMessage Android

“For a long time, iMessage was restricted to iPhone users.”

So how does it work?

Many apps like these require modification of the OS on your device. Our app is not like that. It can be installed directly on your Android phone or tablet.

Android uses Android application packages files (.apk) to install and run applications. These are similar to the ‘.exe’ files that you use on your desktop. To install iMessage on your Android device, you will also need an .apk file. This file that we have developed will install iMessage Android on your device. The iMessage Android .apk file can be downloaded below.

You will need to download the ‘iMessage Android.apk’ file to your desktop and transfer it to your Android device.
For the full instructions on how to install iMessage Android, see theĀ installation guide.

After the installation

After you installed iMessage on Android, the iMessage Android icon will appear in your app drawer.
You will be prompted to create a new ID or use an existing one and to add contacts.

iMessage on Android can be used to cross chat with all devices that have iMessage installed. This means that you can send messages from an iPhone to an Android smartphone and vice versa. Any Android device is supported, including tablets.

Download iMessage Android

So you reached the bottom of the page, which means that you are interested in installing iMessage Android. Before doing so, we would like to say one more thing: as you might expect the development of this application costs a lot of time and resources. Yet, we want to offer iMessage Android for free to every user.

To keep the application free and running smoothly, we ask you to complete an offer of one of our sponsors. This proces is fast and easy and your download will start right afterwards.

Thank you for your support and happy chatting!