As iMessage on Android might be completely new for you, we understand that you still have some questions. Below you can read the Frequently Asked Questions to fully convince you to download the app or to help you answer your unanswered questions.
If you still have any questions please send us a message.

Can I really install iMessage on my Android device?

This is the question that is asked the most frequently. And we can understand why, as iMessage on Android seems completely new to you. We have done something that has never been done before, we managed to bring the iOS app to Android.
Ofcourse we would not have launched iMessage on Android if it did not work. We extensively tested the application before we released it to public. Our one thousand beta testers – with all kind of devices from Android 1.5 to Android 4.2 – have tested the app for 1 month. All beta bugs were reported and after one more year of development, we can now proudly say that iMessage on Android works perfectly! In the following month the app was downloaded more than ten thousand times. All the people using iMessage on Android are very positive about the application and untill now, we never encountered a major error.

Where can I download the app?

You can download iMessage on Android for free on the download page. Go to the page and click on the download button. This is the official site where you can download iMessage on Android. Please beware that if any other site that is not iMessageonAndroid.com can be a fraudulent website. http://imessageonandroid.com is the only place where the official app can be downloaded.

Do I have to pay for iMessage on Android?

No. We have chosen to make iMessage on Android free, and to keep it free. We beleive that everyone should be able to chat via iMessage on Android for free. There are no hidden costs and no ads in the application. This project is meant to make you able to chat with your friends that have an iPhone, while you have the comfort of your own Android device.

What are the requirements to install the app?

iMessage on Android runs on Android 1.5 Cupcake and up. Note, however, that the app might run slightly slower on the previous versions of Android. All Android devices we have tested, from phone to tablet, were able to run the app smoothly. If the application does not work on your device, please contact us.

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