Why iMessage on Android

Do you not see the point in having iMessage installed on you Android device? Let us convince you otherwise 🙂 With iMessage Android, you can send instant text messages to any phone and/or tablet that runs Android or iOS. You can even send messages to a desktop from your phone. iMessage Android is currently the best free instant messaging app for Android. It is fast, runs smooth, has a great design and it is totally free. iMessage Android is tested by hundreds of people, many persons left positive comments and feedback (see the bottom of this page).

iMessage Android

“Let us convince you :)”

Why iMessage on Android

With iMessage you can now chat cross-platform. You can send all kinsd of media like text messages, phot0s and videos to any Android or iOS phone and/or tablet. Every message is sent for free via secure servers. It’s proved that messages sent via iMessage are unable to intercept.

But why iMessage Android. Why not one of those other instant messaging services? Well first of all iMessage on Android is free, thanks to our sponsors. And iMessage is already known by a lot of people! You don’t have to invite all your friends to a new service and add new contacts, you can just import your contact list to iMessage Android with a single tap.

Download iMessage Android

If you are convinced, why not check out the application?